Disadvantages of Electric Cars

Disadvantages of Electric Cars


The biggest problem with fully electric cars is purchasing them. Electric car manufacturers are constantly trying to improve electric car technologies and make them more affordable. But, most of them are still out of hand for many people. Comparing electric cars with conventional or hybrid vehicles, there is a huge difference between price tags.

Short Range

Another big concern that pops up in the mind before purchasing an electric car is its short range. Tough, some electric cars do have a good range but they come at much higher costs as compared to non-EVs. Increasing the range of these electric vehicles requires more bigger and powerful batteries, but, it can significantly raise their costs as well.

No Charging Points

Even after purchasing an electric car, the next challenge that rose is to keep it running. Unlike petrol stations, charging stations are not present everywhere. This is a big concern if you are planning to travel a long distance in your electric car.

Delay in Charging

Suppose you have finally found a charging point where you can fully charge your car and continue your journey. But, you’ll have to wait for a long time to fill up your car’s battery. Whether you charge your electric car at your home or charging spot, you’ll still not be able to go anywhere in your car for a long time. A DC fast charging station might help you to save some of your time by charging your battery at a faster rate.

Expensive Batteries

If you have lost your electric car’s battery then it might get a little more expensive to get a new one. If you keep your car well-maintained, then you can expect your electric car’s battery to last for several years. However, after that, you’ll have to change them which can be very costly.

Can not be Charged without Electricity

Electric cars, as their name suggests, require electricity to work. If there is no electricity, there is no charging for electric cars. In case of an electrical breakdown, you’ll need a need really powerful generator to make your electric car run. Even if you get a generator, you’ll have to wait for a very long time which will eventually cost you much higher.

Not Completely Pollution Free

 One of the main purposes of electric vehicles is to reduce pollution by ceasing the emission of carbon. However, electricity which electric vehicles require can also be a cause of pollution. It can spread pollution in a way that the power plants which generate electricity can emit harmful substances into the environment which can be dangerous for the health of our planet.


Here we explained some downsides of electric vehicles but it doesn’t mean that they are useless. Electric cars do have some significant advantages as well. Directly, they are very pollution free. They do not require as much maintenance as conventional cars. Moreover, they are very noise-free as well. But, driving these soundless cars properly is an even bigger responsibility as people may not notice these cars coming towards them.