Fastest Modes of Transportation

Fastest Modes of Transportation

With time, new modes of transportation are appearing. Transport is not just getting efficient, but also remarkably fast. This allowed us to hundreds of kilometers in just a few hours. Most of these fast transport means require fossil fuels, but, the technology of solar energy is also in play now. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the fastest modes of transportation available for the common man.


No doubt, airways are the fastest mode of transportation. Large passenger planes are capable of flying at speeds of more than 800 kmph. Modern passenger planes are capable of carrying hundreds of passengers at the same time. Although traveling in a plane can be a little expensive, airways are known to be the safest mode of transportation. Their movement is very unrestricted in the air which allows them to travel very smoothly and steadily. However, when it comes to takeoff and landing, they require a large piece of land as a runway.

Bullet Trains

Bullet trains, also known as high-speed rail systems, are specially designed to reach speeds of more than 300 kmph. These vehicles can carry a large number of passengers from one place to another in a very short time. However, their movement is strictly limited because they can only move using a railway line and you have to get to a station nearby to travel through them.

Conventional Trains

Though bullet trains are faster, it doesn’t mean that conventional trains are slower as compared to most other ways of transportation. These trains are capable of carrying more passengers and cages than bullet trains. Modern train engines are so powerful that they are capable of pulling hundreds of wagons at a time. However, just like faster bullet trains, the movement of conventional trains is very limited due to their requirement for railway tracks.


No vehicle is as much comfortable as your car. Moreover, if you don’t have a personal one, you can hire one. On highways and in low traffic, cars can travel very fast. However, it is important to follow traffic rules to minimize the risk of an accident. Unlike trains, cars only require a plain road to travel, and such roads or tracks can be found almost everywhere, especially in developed areas like cities, towns, etc. Unlike aircraft, they do not require a clean runway to stop.


Motorcycles, no doubt, are one of the cheapest modes of transportation. A good motorcycle is just not economical but also travels distances at a very fast speed. Another thing that makes a motorcycle fast is its size. In blocked traffic, a motorcycle can perform much better as compared to cars and get through small spaces.


A bus is a large vehicle that can carry several passengers at the same time, from one place to another. Busses can travel on the tracks and roads as cars do. However, it high gets a little too difficult to move a bus in the streets. But, on open highways, a bus covers large distances at a very good speed.