Most Demanding Cars in Pakistan

While there are a lot of vehicles to choose from in Pakistan, some of them are the most demanding cars in the entire automobile industry. Each car in this list has its specification and qualities.

We will discuss some of these cars and why they are so successful in this article.

Suzuki Alto

Undoubtedly, the Suzuki Alto is one of the most successful and selling vehicles in Pakistan. The Alto is famous due to its affordability. Besides purchase, this car is very easy to maintain and repair. However, one of the most important reasons behind Alto’s success is the impressive fuel average this small hatchback is providing. Despite its affordability, the car contains modern features. One of them is the AGS technology Suzuki is offering in its cars.

Toyota Yaris

Secondly, we have Toyota Yaris as one of the most demanding 4-door and 5-seater sedans. One of the reasons behind this success story is the high reliability of Yaris. The Yaris is also known to be a very affordable car in its class. The Yaris has an engine displacement of 1496 cc which is fairly good as well. The comfortable interior is one of the most notable attractions of this Toyota.

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is a symbol of reliability and durability not just in Pakistan but throughout the entire world. Corolla has a legacy of being some of the most demanding cars on this planet. This 4-door and 5-seater sedan has several variants to choose from. In Pakistan, the Altis, Xli, and Gli are already a story of success. Corollas are very powerful as well as loaded with some of the most advanced features available in sedans around the world.

Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki sells some of the best hatchback cars in Pakistan. These cars are not just some of the best in features but also in demand. The Suzuki Cultus is one of them. Several generations of Cultus have seen the roads of Pakistan. However, the latest variant, the VXL is also attracting an impressive number of Pakistani customers. The nameplate of Cultus is one of the main reasons behind the success of VXL but VXL is not behind in features and comfort. Just like Alto, the Cultus is famous for having a good fuel average and easy maintenance.

Honda Civic

In Pakistan, the Honda Civic has one of the biggest fan bases. However, the Civic is as much popular around the world as in Pakistan. Civic has a vast range of generations, however, the latest variant is more popular than ever. Honda Civic offers a high-performance engine having a displacement of 1799 cc in its latest petrol variant. This car is offering unforgettable luxury, performance, reliability, and sporty design to its users. These features are the main reason behind its huge fanbase of Civic.

Honda City

Honda enjoys a lot of fame from its Civic, however, the Civic is not alone as the Honda offers a second masterpiece with the nameplate of Honda City in Pakistan. This car, just like the Civic, is on the list of the most demanding cars in Pakistan. The city is famous due to the reliability and power it offers to its users. In addition to reliability, the City gives power and comfort to travel long journeys without making a problem for you.

Suzuki Wagon R

Lastly, we have Wagon R from Suzuki in our list of the most demanding cars in Pakistan. Some reasons behind this success are affordability and a good fuel average. The Wagon R is a 4-door and 5-seater light hatchback and this light weight makes this car travel long distances with much less fuel cost.