Most Successful Fighter Jets

Every year we came to see new or improved variants of existing fighter jets by different countries. Jet fighters play an imperative role in the defense world which is the reason why the competition between aircraft manufacturers is high. So what fighter has managed outclass its adversaries?

Here is a list of the most successful fighters that are still dominating the defense market.

1.   F-16

Undisputed even after so many ears, the F-16 is a single-engine fighter jet that is manufactured by General Dynamics and took its first official flight on 2nd February 1974. With more than 4,500 units ever built, while over 2,100 still serving the forces, the Fighting Falcon currently holds the position of the most widely used fighter jet in the world. On one hand, the older F-16s are stepping toward retirement, on the other hand, new and improved variants coming to rule the skies. A wide range of countries including the United States, Pakistan, Türkiye , Egypt, and South Korea are actively using F-16s to defend their airspaces.

2.   Su-27 (Family)

When it comes to maneuverability, the Su-27 sprung up in the mind of every fighter jet enthusiast. Manufactured by Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi, no plane in the world can currently perform complex maneuvers as the Flanker (NATO designation of Su-27) does. A lot of variants of Flanker have arrived up to date including single-seater and twin-seater versions. Over 1,200 units currently active in different air forces means that the Flanker currently holds the second position on this list.

3.   Mig-21

Mig-21 is one of the oldest fighter aircraft still used by several air forces in the world. Not just the original Mig-21, but its Chinese counterparts (Chengdu J-7) are also flying in good numbers. It's a bit difficult to exactly figure out how many of these jets are in service but some estimates suggest around 1,100 units are still flyable.

4.   F-15

McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle takes the 4th position in our list with over 960 units in service around the world. F-15 has a reputation for being one of the most successful fighters ever built. Some suggest that F-15s have achieved more than 100 aerial victories without getting shot down. Countries like the United States, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and some more are using F-15 in large numbers.