Don’t Worry; It’s Done


To be a Global House Hold Name as anE-Commerce for Rent Platformthereby empowering and facilitating the Clients and Customers of the Globe involved in Rent of quality certified products, items & thingsin a most convenient, trusted and credible environment.


To create a high tech and IT enabled E-Commerce for Rent Platform thereby providing a credible and trusted forum for all the stake holders of the World covering the Complete Spectrum of Trade and Industry dealing with Rent of all kind & type of products, items & things.


About Us

The purpose of development of is to facilitate a user friendly web platform and a network of humans &organizations connected through cutting edge technology for the purposes of giving & taking on Rent of all kind and type of products, items and things. has been created to facilitate individuals and groups in Trade & Industry for Rent purposes. will embed cutting edge IT tools and e-commerce technology for the provision of best search results at any given time and location. The IT and Technology tools will expedite the processes involved in the sourcing the best at most affordable prices with transparency and convenience.

Goals and Objective

·         Rentorim.comwill enlist a network of individuals, groups and organizations offering their products, items & things.

·         Rentorim.comwill reach out to concerned individuals or groups (end users / customers) and afford them visibility of all the vendors and their products.

· will provide direct info and data to its users by using the most advanced and sophisticated methods to ensure credibility and reliability of the web platform