Types of Cars

Types of Cars

Everyone loves to own a car that fulfills his/hercertain requirements. Some are interested in keeping a sports car in the garage while some are more curious about traveling together in 7-seaters.Keeping your needs in mind, auto manufacturing brands from all over the world are manufacturing vehicles with a lot of variations in sizes, shapes, and features. Each category of automobile carries some unique aspects that others lack.

 Here we have described some of the most common types of cars that are available in the market.

1.   SUV

The SUV is a short form for Sport Utility Vehicle.SUVs are considered very powerful vehicles that offer good off-road performance thanks to their engines and flexible suspension.These 4-wheelers are not just famous for their remarkable off-road capabilities, but they are also very spacious from the inside. They have arelatively higher seating position as compared to sedans or sports cars, which allows good visibility to the driver and passengers sitting inside.

2.   Sports Car

Owning a sports car is a dream of every kid today, and even some adults are not far behind in this race. Sports cars enjoyan undisputed fanbase in the world ofcars. What makes them so special for car enthusiasts is their stylish looks and unbeatable performance on open highways. Racing events are regularly organized to test the capacities of drivers and theirvehicles on thetracks.

3.   Sedan

With decent looks and commuter capabilities, sedans are family vehicles that can be used on daily basis. Usually, these cars offer 4-door and 5-seater variations to their buyers. Most of the sedans are designed wellenough for longdrives on open highways.Sedans are based on a 3-box design, which means they have a separate room for the cargo, passengers, and of course the engine. Some of the most dependable sedan makers in the globe are Toyota, Honda, Lexus, and Mazda.

4.   Crossover

In simple words, when we merge an SUV with a Hatchback, the outcome is a crossover. The outlines of crossover may give you a glance of an SUV, but when it comes to performance, they possess astounding fuel efficiency that is similar to hatchbacks due to a lightweight body. Crossovers are best in cities due to their drivability in small and congested areas.

5.   Coupe

The coupe looks quite like a sedan because they are also based on a 3-box design, but with 2 doors in place of 4.Coupes usually have a gleaming design with outclass performance and handling. The competence of pulling hundreds of horsepower makes the coupe simply a remarkable performance car.

6.   Minivan

Safety and comfort are some promising features of a minivanthat makes it a good family vehicle. Another point that makes minivans an edge over other cars is that they have abundant cargo space. These vehicles also have lower floors with much more spacious leg space than their SUV counterparts.

7.   Convertible

A convertible, also known as a cabriolet, mostly resembles a coupe. However, the most noticeable difference between these two categories is that convertibles offer a mechanism that allows them to fold up their roof while a coupe can’t. If you are planning to enjoy the thrills of open air at high speeds then a convertible is prime for you.

8.   Pickup Truck

Undeniably, pickup trucks are robust vehicles in every respect. They come out of the assembly line in 2-door or 4-door variants with an open cargo space at the rear. Some of these trucks arrive in 4-wheel drive configurations which provides them excellencies in off-road capabilities.

9.   Station Wagon

A station Wagon, or estate car, resembles the merge of an elongated sedan into a hatchback. These vehicles are specially designed for large families that require enough space to fit family members. Station wagons are larger than sedans, but they grant better fuel economy compared to SUVs.

10.                     Limousine

In simple words, a limousine is a very elongated vehicle that is considered a symbol of luxury. Limos are usually driven by chauffeurs and consist of a separation between the driver's and passengers’ compartments. Limousines can be only handled by experts because It's never an easy job to drive a vehicle with such a wheelbase.