What Causes Car Accidents

What Causes Car Accidents


Overspeeding is a major cause of accidents. Many youngsters prefer driving cars at very fast speeds which can make it out of control. Sudden breaking at a very high speed can result in a break failure or skidding which could end up in an accident. A tire burst at high speed can also cause massive destruction.

Driving While Drunken

Driving after consuming alcohol or drugs can end up in an accident. Drinking alcohol or misusing drugs can make you lose consciousness and understanding of your surroundings.


Distractions can be very dangerous for a driver because they can result in an accident. A driver should not be disturbed while driving so that he/she can focus on driving the car. Once distracted, a driver may lose focus on driving which can be dangerous.

Not Stopping at Red Light

There are some driving rules that you have to follow necessarily. Red light means to stop, and if you don’t then you can end up in an accident. The purpose of red light is to stop accidents and ensure the flow of traffic on all sides of the road.

Overtaking in a Wrong Way

While driving, you should be careful as overtaking can be dangerous for you and other drivers if done improperly. Overtaking vehicles without having an eye on your surroundings can result in an accident.

Low Visibility

If you are driving in a condition where you are unable to see what is in front of you, then you are most likely to end up in a collision. Some conditions like smog, heavy rain, heavy snowfall, etc, can result in such accidents.

Harsh Road Conditions

Road accidents are not only caused by your own driving mistakes, but sometimes, road conditions can go against you as well. A break can not work properly on a slippery road which can result in an accident. A road can be slippery due to rain, snow, etc.