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The Honda BR-V is a subcompact crossover SUV. BR-V is manufactured by Japanese car maker ‘Honda’. The BR-V stands for Bold Runover Vehicle. This vehicle is large enough to be labeled as 7 seaters. This 4-door SUV comes in a lot of beautiful eye-catching colors. The BR-V has an impressive exterior look with stylish design. The interior of this SUV is very modern. The backlights of BR-V are as much stylish as the headlights it has. The SUV has comfortable seats. The BR-V has an impressive fuel average. This SUV is very powerful and very good on long drives. The BR-V has a displacement of 1497 cc. The BR-V has 7 manual gear transmissions. However, the automatic transmission is also available. BR-V has a fuel tank of about 42 liters. The BR-V has a lot of space to carry large amounts of luggage. The BR-V is very reliable on long highways.

4 Door
7 Seater
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