Suzuki Wagon R

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Wagon R is a small 4-door and 5-seater hatchback that is manufactured by the Japanese automaker brand, Suzuki. This Suzuki car comes with a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly euro 2 petrol engine that has a displacement of 998 cc. Wagon R VXL and VXR have 5-speed manual transmission while the AGS variant has auto gear shift transmission. All the variants of the Suzuki Wagon R have a fuel tank capacity of 35 liters and 2-wheel-drive configurations. Suzuki Wagon R has 4 different eye-catching colors. The ABS variant also comes with driver-side airbags. The VXL and AGS variants have front electric windows and a central door-locking system as well. The air conditioner and heater are available in all variants of Suzuki Wagon R. All the variants of Wagon R have the same engine. Suzuki is offering ventilated disk breaks and rear drum breaks in all variants of Wagon R. You can get Suzuki Wagon R for rent from our web platform, Rentorim.

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AGS Variant
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